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Chartered Physiotherapist BSc(Hons) MCSP, MAACP

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Providing physiotherapy treatment for neurological conditions resulting from trauma or degenerative conditions. Damage to the central nervous system including your brain and spinal cord can cause debilitating symptoms; spasticity, tonal changes, uncordinated movement, reduced mobility, balance difficulties and loss of function .  Neurological physiotherapy helps you to regain function , independence and quality of life by kick starting the nervous system to produce new nerve pathways, via repetition, exercise, optimising postural control systems and maintaining physical function . Nathalie has completed a number of specialist Neurological courses to enable a high level of assessment and treatment in the area.


Musculoskeletal conditions affect the joint, bones, muscles and nervous system. Muskuloskeletal problems can arise from trauma, post surgery, autoimmune conditions or general wear and tear. Musculoskeletal physiotherapy employs advanced clinical assessment and diagnosis methods. Musculoskeletal physiotherapy can totally relieve or reduce your pain , provide you with advice and strategies to manage your injury or condition , help to speed up recovery and return to fitness, restore range of movement , build up muscle strength and regain previous levels of function and prevent future injuries. Trained in medical acupuncture which can improve pain levels and help manage migraine pain.


The vestibular system includes parts of the inner ear and brain that help to maintain and control balance and eye movements. The systems can become damaged by head trauma , labrinythitis , pre-existing health conditions or treatment and age. Symptoms can include vertigo and dizziness, imbalance and spatial disorientation, visual disturbances , hearing changes , cognitive or psychological changes and avoidance of previously enjoyed activities. Vestibular physiotherapy involves the assessment of the vestibular system and its function and works on improving its function via a number of specialist techniques and reablement.

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Appointments by Booking only

  •  Virtual physiotherapy

        Video consultation : £60

        Video follow up appointment: £49.50

  •  Face to face physiotherapy appointments: 

        Initial Assessment: £60

        Follow up Appointment: £49.50


        Neurological Initial Assessment : £66 

        Neurological rehab follow up: £66

        Vestibular Initial Assessment: £66


Child Physiotherapy
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Townsend Cottage, Shobdon, Herefordshire. HR6 9NF


Directions: Located on the B4362 from Mortimers Cross head into Shobdon. Pass the shop on your left and remain on this road. Opposite the bus stop turn immediately left. Parking available on private driveway for Townsend Cottage.

Please note sat nav will take you to an address above the property.

07494643574 / 01568 708 304

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